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NEW DESIGN: GussetedTWP = Gusseted&Tall&Wide Pocket (inside)

* Name:- "GussetedTWP" TN

* Configurations:- "Wallet" = 4 Cards stacker Pockets inside-left, 2 folders GussetedTWP inside-right, no outside pockets.

* Leather type:- "Kenilworth" Distressed unDyed. Thick & supple 3.2-3.6mm (8-9 oz) veg-tanned leather. Soft to the touch & has structure.

* Size:- Fieldnote

* Price @ GBP50 + Postage

* Postage with tracking: UK@ GBP8, EU@ GBP10, USA@ GBP12

Other leather types also available ..PM me via my FB page to find out more.

* * * * *

This inside GussetedTWP design is unique in the TN market place.

It has a 10-15mm gusset + full height & full width, so you can fit 1-2 notebook-inserts inside this inside-pocket for quick access.
The pocket will have a thick enough gusset to be used as a phone holder too.
This Fieldnote size version will hold iPhone 5, 6, 6s or 7.
Will be available in most sizes : A5, Regular, Personal, A6 & Fieldnote.
Some versions will have outside pen-phone pockets too ..

* * * * *
Available after the New Year via my new ETSY shop (web link will be given at later date..).
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